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Step-by-step your personal real estate/migration process
  • Our developers with 20-50 years of experiences
    Real estate options
    • Public deal in notary
    • Guarantee of your property security in your absence
    • Mortgage and rental of purchased real estate
  • Work with several portuguese banks
    Approved mortgage
    • 70%-90% of the property value loan
    • Mortgage for residents/non-residents for 40 years
    • Finding a profitable long-term tenant to pay off the mortgage
  • Ortuguese Citizenship in 5 years

    Residency / Golden visa

    • Golden visa Possibility of obtaining citizenship without being in the country.
    • Other residence permits (Digital Nomad, High-Qualify Specialists, etc.)
    • Prepare and analyze your documents needed with our agency

About the Company
Magic Cascade LDA: we are a portuguese licensed company with an experienced team that will help you invest profitably in the Portuguese real estate market.With over 17 years of experience, including more than 10 years in Portugal, we operate legally in accordance with the country's legislation. We provide a comprehensive range of services for clients, starting from selecting and safely purchasing real estate, obtaining residency, to after-sales support, renting out with the search for reliable tenants whose payments will cover monthly mortgage payments and provide an opportunity to generate additional passive incomes.

We have established contractual commitments with the necessary institutions, notaries, and partners who have been accredited in Portugal, making any transaction completely reliable and secure.A maximally convenient procedure is established, allowing the client to make real estate purchases online, including viewing and selecting properties, the legal analysis of which will be conducted by our company's lawyers. Online/offline processes with our portuguese lawyers. Our office is located in an area with convenient transportation connections and proximity to the properties for sale.
Photos of our team
Client reviews
  • Olga Vlasyuk

    We thank Irina for making migration easy for our entire family

  • Aidar Bauyrzhan

    Very clear, professional and reasonable in terms of costs, Natalya very competently and subtly approached obtaining a residence permit for me, after 7 months, I am the owner of a residence permit card

  • Natalya Orymbaeva

    With Asel's help, I am the happy owner of an apartment in Lisbon, with minimal input from me



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