General Conditions

Published prices are final prices, and, unless otherwise indicated, include building fee, city taxes, water, electricity, gas and when specified- cable TV, internet and / or maid service once a week.
The inclusion of this cleaning service in the rental price does not release the guest from the obligation to leave the apartment in the same hygiene and presentation in which it was received. All apartments within the network of accommodation have been personally visited by a member of My Apartment Abroad who has decided joining it to the network and has taken the photographs posted on this site. All apartments of the network are fully furnished and equipped.

My Apartment Abroad is not responsible for any changes in the decoration of the apartment that the owners decide to make.
For this reason, the photos on this site are presented in order to give the future host a rough idea of the property offered.
The photos do not necessarily represent with absolute fidelity the decoration of the property.
My Apartment Abroad´s fee is USD 50, independently of the duration of your stay.
Is clarified and approved by the / owners that come when one or more renewals of this contract will be made exclusively through My Apartment Abroad.
Upon the guest’s arrival in the pre-arranged time, the owner of the apartment and My Apartment Abroad´s representative receives guests in the rental property.

At this time, the guest must pay the rent of your stay and guarantee deposit.
Both sign the lease and the respective inventory should be checked beforehand.
The guest receives the keys to the property. This is a good opportunity for the owner to explain to his guest the overall functioning of the house.
A few days before departure, ideally, 48 hours earlier, the host and the owner have to contact to arrange an appointment for delivery of the apartment.
This time the guest returns the keys to the property and the landlord returns the deposit left on warranty then reviewed the apartment’s general condition and inventory.
Apartments must be returned in the same conditions of order and cleanliness in which they were presented to the guest.

Guest Obligations

The guest is obliged not to stay in the property superior to a number of people indicated in the contract.
Payment of the contract period must be paid in the currency always expressed in the temporary lease.
In the case where more than one guest sign the contract to be jointly responsible, guests may NOT changed in the middle of the agreed term and responsible signatory members with no communication to My Apartment Abroad and get authorization.
The Guest agrees to use the property responsibly and respecting neighbors seriously.

My Apartment Abroad is not responsible for those suspensions and / or interruptions of water supply, electricity, gas, cable and other existing due to causes beyond its control.

My Apartment Abroad is not responsible for any robbery.



Reservations apartments are made:
a) by paying 20% of the stay or,
b) by credit card.
When the option a) has been chosen, the payment is in cash and is the value of 20% of the total reservation period, it must be respected. The same reservation value will be deducted when paid actual payment of rent on the day of check in or arrival.
When the option b) has been chosen we will charge U$S 50 for our administrative fee to the credit card and this is in order to confirm the reservation and the apartment elected to hold the dates requested by a particular host. Payment of the stay and the deposit is expected in cash the day of the check in when we deliver the keys of the apartment.


In the event that the guest must cancel his reservation for any reason must inform by email only, and will be debited:
1) 50% of the cost of the reserve for cancellations 30 days or more in advance.
2) 100% of the cost of the reserve for cancellations between 30 and 0 days in advance.
The same applies to bookings made by wire transfer or cash.


According to the period of stay, each apartment public specifies conditions and availability in the minimum and maximum accepted.
Most apartments are posted on this site may be reserved for a minimum stay of one week (7 days)
Some apartments only admit of one month (30 days) or several months. In both cases, this timely event is specified in the file for each apartment.
As for the maximum stay permitted, the limit is 180 days.
Term rental contracts are not extendable.
They have a start date and end date.


If the guest decides to extend his stay in the apartment, you should contact My Apartment Abroad to verify that the property is available for the new dates requested.
If the property is available for the period desired, the guest must notify My Apartment Abroad by email early enough to prepare a new contract for the new period, provided that the property had not received a reservation for the period requested.
If is possible the extension of stay will be charged a reserve with the same conditions mentioned in item RESERVATION POLICY.


The amounts paid for rent are not refundable. If a guest wants to make his stay shorter, the payment made can not be refunded.
For this reason, we recommend our guests to make a reservation for the period in which they will occupy the apartment safely, and then try the hiring of additional time if necessary.
In the case of leases to several months, in which the rent is payable monthly, if a guest decides to terminate the contract early, you lose the amount left as a deposit, which is regarded as a compensation for the owner for breach of contract.


Our regular delivery apartments schedule is 9 am to 9 pm.
Apartments that need to be deliver from 12 am to 6 am has an additional USD 50.
If you will be arriving in the apartment between 6 am and 9 am or between 9 pm and midnight, please, state this situation so we can make arrangements to meet you in those times. This service is an additional cost of USD 30. Check in: 2 PM Check out: 10 AM. If a guest arrives before 2.00pm and the property was unoccupied, guests may occupy it early without paying any additional cost.
If the property is occupied, wait at Check-in time.
If the guest would like to make sure the property is vacant (in case your check in is before 2 pm.) Must request the reservation of property for the day before your arrival, so paying an extra day.
If the departure time out of a guest is after 10 AM and if the property had no other immediate post-booking, guests may stay in the property until the departure time that will prove more convenient without paying any additional cost.
If the property have an immediate reservation, guests must vacate the property at the time of check out or reserve the property for a day to avoid immediate reservation. The owners reserve the ultimate right of admission.
Guests are required to provide the names, number and ages of all persons who will occupy the property.
Staying in the building of more guests than the previously agreed is grounds for eviction.


My Apartment Abroad is in charge of all the formalities of booking a specified property for a specific period stated by the guest.
Event of an unforeseen property damage prior to guest arrival, which will make uncomfortable stay in the property selected, My Apartment Abroad transmitted to host the unexpected event and offers two alternatives:
1) Relocation in another apartment of similar characteristics and amenities, if is available for the dates of your trip;
2) return the money that has been paid for the reservation.

Most apartments have published on the site have one of the following phone systems:
a) Line one: This is a telephone service offered by local telephone companies that includes credit of $ 30, taxes included, for making local calls. Apartments offering this service include the cost in the rent.
For making calls to cell phones, long distance calls or international calls, the guest should proceed to buy pre-paid telephone cards. This service allows guests to receive any kind of call.
b) Zero Line: This is a telephone service that allows local calls by purchasing pre-paid phone cards that guests can purchase in the centers of the respective company telephone (call). Like its predecessor, allows reception of all calls.

My Apartment Abroad is always available to all guests that are using our services or not, to provide any information they might need.