1. How can i check the availability of the apartments for the dates of my trip?

In the section of “Search Apartments” on the website you can check the availability of the apartments completing “check in” and “check out” of your trip´s dates. The website will show you the available apartments for your dates. Once you can see the available apartments for you, you can also see in each apartment the equipment, prices and descriptions of them.

2. How should i proceed to book an apartment?

Before to start the process of reservation you must be registered as a user and be connected. After you have selected the apartment you wish and if you want to reserve it you should go to the button “Send Reservation Request”. We will receive your reservation request. We will contact the owner of the apartment and then we will confirm you if the apartment you have selected is available for the dates you choose and in the same email we will invite you to reserve through the link where you have to complete the require information. When we receive the payment of the reservation you will receive the last email where we will confirm you the reservation of the apartment and also you will find in the same email the exact address of it and the hour of when we will deliver to you the keys. You will have only 24 hours to confirm the reservation once you receive the confirmation of the availability. If we don’t receive your confirmation in 24 hours the process of your request will expire and you have to start all the process again from 0.

3. What should i do to create my user?

In the website you will find in the top menu on the right side “Register”.
You have to complete the required information and send to us. After that you will receive an email with a link to validate your personal email. Once you validate your personal email you will be an activate user. As user you can have access to your bookmarks, internal messages or questions to us and the history of your reservations (confirmed ones or not). Also you can register as an “owner”.

4. What should i do to add my property to My Apartment Abroad´s web?

To add your property in our website you must be registered previously as an user (see the question number 3). Inside your panel as an user you will find the link to register as an owner. Once you do that one of our brokers will contact you to proceed with the right registration and incorporate it to our website.

5. Are the availabilities shown updated?

The availabilities that you can find in the calendar of each apartment are updated everyday. Anyway in the process of reservation request we will verify again the availability to not have mistakes.

6. How long it will take to receive and answer from My Apartment Abroad after sending the reservation request?

We will answer to your availability request in a maximum period of 24 hours.

7. What should i do if i do not receive any answer in the time stated above?

You can go to our website and “Contact Us” as soon as possible. We will answer you immediately to solve your situation.

8. Who will receive me at the apartment?

Someone will receive you as representative of My Apartment Abroad in the day and the time scheduled to deliver the keys and sign the contract. Is normal that at the same time the owner goes too to give a warming welcome and explain to you everything about the apartment.

9. Who will come to say goodbye on my departure day?

According to the scheduled check out time the owner will go to say goodbye and deliver the deposit, if when you receive the apartment you dont have an schedule time to leave you should call the owner 48 hours in advanced to let it know what time they have to go to take the keys. Another option could be that representative to us will go to deliver the deposit in case the owner could not go. In the last case we will call you or you can call to us in comercial time of work also 48 hours in advanced.

10. How can i calculate at what time i will arrive to the apartment?

If you arrive through an international flight, normally we calculate two hours to deliver the keys of the apartment. If you arrive through a national flight, normally we calculate one hour. The time we used to deliver the keys are: everyday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. If you flight arrive in a time that we need to deliver the keys after 9 p.m or before 9 a.m it has an extra charge of USD 30. And if you arrive at the apartment from 00 to 6 a.m the extra charge is USD 50.

11. What happens if my flight is delayed?

When you confirm the reservation request our system ask you the flight number. This is VERY IMPORTANT to us because we use that number to check in the arrival day at the airport. You don’t need to worry calling to us to inform the delay so if you give the flight number is enough, and what we will do is check finally at what time you will arrive and after that we recalculate again two hours to wait for you at the apartment.

12. What happens if i lost a connection and i will be arriving to Buenos Aires with a different flight number?

In this case you should contact to us through e-mail or calling to inform us the new arrival flight number. Because if we don’t have the last number of your flight is impossible for us to check at the airport.

13. What happen if i loose my luggage once at the airport in Buenos Aires?

The same as the last question you should contact to us through a call to tell what happens and we will recalculate a new time for you to deliver the keys.

14.For how long the representative will be waiting for us at the apartment?

Our representative will wait 40 minutes after the schedule time for any problem or delays from (flights, traffic on the town), etc.

15. What happens if i arrive to the apartment more than 40 minutes delayed and i could not inform about the delay?

If this happens the only thing you have to do is call to us and we reschedule time to deliver the keys and sign the contract, all this is depending on the days and times.

16. How should i calculate my departure time from the apartment?

If you will take an international flight you should ask a taxi three hours before the departure time. For example if your flight leaves at 4 p.m, you should ask a taxi at 1 p.m.

17. Have the apartments a check in or check out time?

Usually the check in time is depend on the arrival time of the flight and check out time is 10 a.m.

18. How the system calculates the cost of my stay?

For the apartments which have daily prices we calculate (daily price times quantity of days). For example: 40 dollars times 8 nights= 320 dollars.
For the apartments which have weekly and monthly prices we do the following steps:
a) If you reserved for a week, you will pay a weekly price.
b) If you reserved more than a week and less than 21 days, you will pay daily price times nights.
c) If you reserved more than 21 days until 1 month, you will pay for 1 month.
d) If you reserved for 1 month, you will pay for 1 month. (MONTH IS EQUAL 30 NIGHTS)
e) If you reserved for more than 1 month and less 2 month, you will pay for 1 month plus the remaining of days for the 2nd month.

19. What charges are included on the published rates?

Normally the published prices include: electricity, gas, building fee, city taxes, water, cable tv and usually include to: internet and maid service once a week but this is depending on the apartment. All is written on website in every apartment what is include and what is not.

20. What charges are not included on the published rates?

Normally is not include in the prices outgoing international calls. In the apartment we used to have a control line for local calls in Buenos Aires. The administration fee of USD 40 is not include to.

21. Whom should i contact if i have questions regarding the apartment once i get in?

When you receive the apartment we will let you know all our contact numbers if something happen or any difficulty.

22. Which service should i expect to receive when the “maid service” is included?

When the “MAID SERVICE” is include normally it means the general cleaning of the apartment and the change of linens and towels not personal clothes and dishes.

23. How should i return the apartment at my departure?

You will receive the apartment clean, with linens and cleaned bathroom. We expect from you that return the apartment in the same conditions as you received. You don’t need to clean the last set of shits and towels.

24. How many linens and towels should i expect to find at the apartment?

Usually you will receive two set of towels per person and two pair of linens per each bed. If the apartment include maid service, the person who clean will change the shits and towels after one week. If is not you should change them by your own.